Easydry Disposable Towels

Easydry is the pioneer of Easydry disposable towels. Easydry’s biodegradable towels are more convenient, absorbent, eco-friendly and hygienic than traditional cotton towels or other disposable towels. Even better, using Easydry eco towels can be up to 25% cheaper than laundering cotton towels or microfibre towels. Upgrading to Easydry disposable towels in your hair salon, beauty salon or any other business can save you time, money and space. 


Easydry Starter Packs 

Learn more about our latest innovation - the Easydry Starter Pack. Try an incredible 6 Easydry products in 1 convenient box. This is the best way to trial disposable towels in your salon and find the ideal mix of products for your business.

Click here to learn more - Easydry Starter Packs.


Learn more about the Easydry disposable range

To view our products and find the ones that would suit your business best click on this link Easydry Products

Alternatively, click on the links on the left hand side of the page to watch our DVD or to request a free sample of our products.


Please note that our Easydry UK website is currently being redeveloped. If you would like any information that is not available on this site currently, please call us on our UK Lo Call telephone number: 0845 300 7764.


Easydry - the better way to dry


Easydry Awards

  • Shortlisted for "Green Leader" (Anne Butterly), "Green Technology", Green Small Business" in the Green Awards 2014.
  • Winner "Best Woman in Business" (Anne Butterly) LCEB 2013.
  • Winner "Premier Business", LCEB, 2013.
  • Winner of "National Enterprise Awards" award for "Exporter 2010".
  • Winner of "Louth County Enterprise Board" award for "Best Exporter 2010".

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